Sustainability At Olitia

One of the most important issues in the agri-food industry and its supply chain is the existence of by-products, treated as wastes and discarded immediately to waste disposal. This treatment might lead to loss of possibility in gaining economic value from them. Implementation of a circular economy could prevent the economic value loss, since the circular economy utilizes said wastes as resources for other processes. At Olitia, we follow the circular economy approach as we are trying to build an ecosystem of “Wealth out of waste”. The olive plants are grown in cocopeat for the first year in a lab-controlled environment. Cocopeat, a natural fiber made from coconut husks, can store and release nutrient to plants for long time. It prevents any kind of bacterial and fungal growth. After a year, these saplings are transferred to the ground where they grow to be beautifully branched olive trees. The silvery green leaves are plucked from the plants when they are in their ideal sizes. The leaves that cannot be utilized for manufacturing Olive Tea are used to make the By-Products such as Olive Leaf extract (which is clinically proven to improve bone health. It is a natural ingredient based on olive polyphenols.) and Olives based Body care products.


  • Olive Trees Planted ~ 17 Lac+
  • Villages Transformed ~ 11+
  • Farmers Impacted ~ 2000+
  • Hectares Covered ~ 5000+
  • Jobs Created ~ 200+
  • 30% Increase in Agriculture Yield