Our Farms

When you stand in the middle of one of our olive farms, all that your eyes see are rows and rows of tall olive plants. As winds brush your hair, it also rustles through those leaves and a sweet fragrance floods your senses. At the crack of dawn, when sun shines from the canopy of the trees, the dew drops look like pearls resting on the leaves.

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When olive cultivation was started in Rajasthan, 1.2 lac high-quality olive plants were imported from Israel and further strengthened in our labs. Saplings, planted ten years ago, have now grown into trees as high as 15 ft. Grown in healthy soil, without any harmful chemicals, these leaves are the purest of their kind. Our plant is right next to our farms to further ensure that you brew your tea from the freshest leaves.

our farms

Seven leading varieties have been selected and planted in our organic farms, namely Barnea, Arbequina, Cortina, Picholine, Picual, Coraniki & Frontoy. We use drip irrigation to ensure that our plantation is evenly water. Our farms are equipped with Hi-tech control for fertigation, pH, EC Root, EC Drippers through Agro-Agronom controller that can be accessed from anywhere through internet.


To monitor the progress of plants, well-known olive experts have been regularly visiting and inspecting our farms to suggest dos and don’ts to our farmers for the best quality. Other experts from Israel provide the technical know-hows. Auto-meteorological stations have been installed by which every climatic happening is recorded, analyzed and informed about.


Come visit us at our plant in Bassi and see for yourself the best sunrise of your life.