The Story of Olive Tea

Ten years ago, what brewed as a dream of cultivating olives has finally surfaced as the world’s first processed olive tea. This joint venture of Olitia Foods and the Government of Rajasthan has given farmers a new livelihood, bringing this modern day elixir to life.


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From sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm, and more.

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Our sachet packaging is 100% biodegradable

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Our delicious teas using only the finest organic or wild harvested ingredients.

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With the diversity of products that Olitia serves, the first question that came to my mind was whether it lives up to its claim of serving healthy and organic offerings toits customers. I used the tea, mist, body lotion and face wash. What amazed me was that product lives up to the mission and vision of the company. The R&D behind eve product was evident from the first use. It offers different flavors of tea. Basil being my favorite from the lot. The tea left me with a sense of freshness and contains all the ingredients to kickstart your day. The aroma of the mist is good and helps keep your skin hydrated. The texture of the body lotion is so good that it can compete with any premium product in the market. I would recommend everyone to try the products and embark on your journey of a healthy lifestyle.
Zero Compromise
This is by far one of the best Tea I've had; the aroma is really nice and there seems to be ZERO COMPROMISE on the quality of the tea leaves as they offer excellent flavor. It is great to see innovation in food, especially something as ordinary as tea that we consume on a regular basis.Definitely a better alternative to green tea! Thank you for the floral flavor's samples, truly loved them all, especially the “Lemongrass” & the “Chamomile” one.
Superb Taste
Superb taste! This tea has the ideal flavor of mint and is delicious at any time of the day, which makes me really delighted that I purchased it. It makes me feel premium, and I adore the way it is packaged from the inside out. I also appreciate that it provides health advantages, which makes me feel wonderful after every sip. I consume it every day before working out, and it makes me feel more energized.
Loved Olitia's Taste
I was looking for a good detox drink from quite sometime and was not getting the required results from the products available in the market. One fine day, I was scrolling through Linkedin and came across a post on Olitia. The post intrigued me as it was something new and sounded just what I had imagined I decided to order the holy basil flavor and received it within two days of ordering without any hassle. I was totally mesmerized by the product packaging , the personalized hand-written note and the icing on the cake were the free samples of four more Olitia flavors. I absolutely loved Olitia's taste and the immersive fragrance it has. The herbal after-taste and the mental calm it provides is unmatched. This has now become my go-to post-workout drink and I am looking forward to see if it will help me in my weight loss journey apart from giving a great head start to my day!

20 Days of Advent

Share the joy of wellness with your family and friends with our choicest teas. Happiness Delivered right in time.

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Weight: 40gms (20 sachets of 2 gms each)

Dimensions: 192mm x 152mm x 60mm

Olitia’s Classic Olive tea: Sit back and cool off the day’s apprehensions.

Tranquil aroma of fresh olives in this exotic flavor.

Classic olive leaf tea with more advantages than green tea.

Double the antioxidants and abundant calcium.

Sweeter taste compared to green tea, making it a perfect alternative.

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Our Guarantee

At every step of our process, from sowing to packaging, we have chosen the best techniques to ensure only the freshest leaves reach you.

Handmade Products

Optimal-sized silvery green leaves are picked by experienced hands with centuries of expertise, selecting delicate leaves with exquisite fragrance and medicinal traits.

Great customer service

Finding companies that genuinely care about their customers is hard these days. We are here for you. We truly care about your health.

Natural Ingredients

We use ingredients made from the earth. Protect yourself and those you love. We don’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives in our tea blends.

Sourced with Care

Sustainability and the Environment

At Olitia, we follow the circular economy approach as we are trying to build an ecosystem of “Wealth out of waste”.

100% Organic

Every cup of our 100% organic olive tea offers a revitalising and refreshing experience as you sip on the goodness of nature.

Always Fresh

Enjoy the health advantages of olive tea, which is full of potent antioxidants and organic substances that enhance general well-being and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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