About Olitia Foods

Olitia Food Pvt. Ltd. is a venture to bridge the gap between a Kisan and the market. We are enabling the farmers at the root level by helping them produce better with simple organic methods. Like us, there are others who believe in the healing powers of the nature. And, we aim to serve all aspects of the society through our natural and organic products.

We started with a Sharbat which had no artificial flavor or essence. As we stand for purity, we chose “Amlaan” as our brand name when we launched a product range. Under this banner, we have introduced whole spices, spice mixes, unpolished pulses, atta, herbal products, honey, arks and desi cow A2 milk.
We have our own gardens for rose, ajwain and tulsi where only desi khaad (traditional cow dung) is used as manure and chemical fertilizers are avoided. We keenly observe our raw-material-providing farmers to maintain the purity and quality of our products.

We dream of an India where PM Modi Ji’s vision of doubling the farmer’s income would come true. And we will do everything in our capacity to empower the farmers of India. A successful kisan could truly contribute to the betterment of this country just as well.