Revitalise Your Body: The Herbal Magic of Olive Leaf Tea for Detoxification
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10 Winter Gifts to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm on a Cold Night

Winter is upon us and it’s time to stock up on oversized sweatshirts, coffee mugs, christmas tree baubles and also, bags full of presents. One thing that’s more common than basic winter outfits and christmas themed Starbucks cups, is the tradition of exchanging gifts. Whether it is secret santa or a New Year present, one absolutely has to undergo massive gift giving and taking during this holiday season. One feels heavily obliged to return an impressive present with an equally (if not more) intimidating one. So, to lessen your festive worries, we have compiled a list of 10 things for you. that would brighten someone’s otherwise gray and cold winter morning with your warmth and love.
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Introducing Olive Tea

Picture a handful of plump, succulent, golden haloed olives; now a couple of green ones pierced by a dainty toothpick in your martini. Imagine them julienned in your hummus or sautéed in your stew. Can you see yourself pouring a tablespoon of its luminous oil as it crackles in joy in your non-stick pan? You must’ve come across a popular image of olive leaves in a dove’s beak, a timeless symbol of peace. Now picture these leaves in your tea. Did your train of culinary thoughts come to an abrupt halt? Let’s begin at the very beginning.
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