(20 Sachet Pack)
Experience the freshening menthol coolness in a cup of mint olive tea.


Experience the refreshment of menthol coolness in every sip of Olitia Mint Olive Tea.
The aromatic flavour of mint with olive leaves’ extract enhances the sensory experience of having tea.
Find yourself getting energized with this lime green coloured drink. In addition to the benefits of olive tea, mint is known to help in weight loss & digestion and also acts as skin cleanser.


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  1. Do not add milk or sugar.
  2. Excellent chilled and drunk over ice.
  1. Boil 100 mL (a cup) of water and add a tea bag to it.
  2. Steeping temperatures range from 87°C (189°F) to 95°C (203°F).
  3. Let it infuse in water for 3-5 mins.
  4. The tea is ready when it obtains amber color.
  5. Serve when lukewarm.